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”Orange Trading” advertising company

Orange Trading” advertising company was founded in 2003. Over ten years of its foundation the company has implemented a number of activities relating to tourism, culture and related fields.

TourInfo”, the only and free  Armenia's Visitors magazine has gotten an access to a significant body of knowledge concerning tourism and culture for it has become a specific guide for visitors in Armenia. The magazine covers such topics as places of interest of Armenia, pieces of cultural heritage, famous people, painting and architecture, customs and traditions, which are of utmost interest among the tourists.

Besides, the company provides the following services:

  • Graphics/Design
  • Printing
  • Photography
  • Billboard and monitors Ads at the “Zvartnots International Airport”
  • Paper Cups Producing with company logo and design

“Orange Trading” Co., LTD
2 Arshakunyats Str., Room #109, Yerevan - Armenia
Tel.: + (374 10) 56 99 40
Fax: + (374 10) 56 99 30

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