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No doubt, visitors are great power for sustainable development of the country, exchange of cultures, conservation, environmental protection and a better quality of life.

Armenia Visitor Information Center “Tourinfo” the first and only Armenia's Free visitors Magazine in Armenia,is published since 2003, exists to make this happen in Armenia, as our aim is to periodically represent everything about Armenia; it covers all aspects of the travel and visitors scenario. Not confining its activities to the state, or the nation, with its widespread network that extends even to some countries, “Tourinfo” Armenia's Free Tourism Magazine updatesall visitors related events to its readers. The multifarious measures adopted by the visitors department of the RA, particularly, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Diaspora, the visitors Administration, and many other visitors agencies, are some of the areas extensively covered by the magazine for the benefit of its readers. The country’s history reviews, special columns on art and culture, cuisine, places of interest, etc. also feature in every issue of the magazine. On this evidence, “Tourinfo” is somehow a specific guide for the visitors visiting Armenia.

The traveler who comes to our community must have the very best and most pleasant places to stay, dine, and see. And our main goal is to do everything to make visitors feel welcome when they arrive and help them to enjoy themselves while they are visiting our country, and be sure that they are satisfied and happy when they leave. Hence, our job makes us an ambassador of good will for our country, and the way we greet and serve the visitors that we meet face - to - face helps to determine their vacation experience.

When you arrive Armenia's airport ask for "TourInfo" Magazine at duty free of  "Zvartnots International Airport".

TourInfo Magazine From Visitor Information Center

 10 Years, 100th Issue, & More than 1000000 Observers

                  For a decade “TourInfo” magazine has been exploring and revealing the unique nature of Armenia, its picturesque sights and historical monuments of universal cultural value, architectural structures and unique traditions. Each issue of “TourInfo” magazine covers beautiful subjects on country’s history, special columns on art, culture and cuisine, and it often elucidates many cultural events throughout the country, such as all pun-Armenian and international great concerts, festivals, conferences. In this regard, “TourInfo” is a specific guide for the visitors of our country; moreover, it can become “a reliable friend” for visitors in Armenia. It is not accidental that the magazine has the following headline: "Armenia in your pocket". By its format, volume and variety of subjects “TourInfo” magazine plays a great role in the development of tourism industry as the main source of full travel information. Certainly, all these achievements are realized due to the true management and high professionalism of the magazine's director Garen Markarian as he essentially assessed the importance of accessibility of information in the field of tourism.

Today, the 100th jubilee issue of “TourInfo” magazine is published, which speaks about the years of experience, high quality and great demand of the magazine among the travelers and native readers. 10 years' activity in leading colorful publication in tourism industry is a serious experience. Now it can be proudly announced that “TourInfo” is leading in three points at the same time: it is the first free, colorful and informative magazine in Armenia.

Now, the history of the magazine is revealed by founding director Garen Marcarian, “We came to Armenia for the first time in 2003. We were very interested in the field of publication. Having studied the Armenian market, we understood that the accessibility of travel information in tourism industry needed a new stage of development. It became stimuli for us to create the first colorful journal in Armenia for visitors.”

This initiative was immediately welcomed, and the realization could not be failed as the head of the enterprise was a person who had experience of many years in the field of publishing. Garen Marcarian has been publishing a paper of 150000 daily editions in Tehran for many years. Due to his efforts “Orange Trading” advertising company has been operating in Tehran since 1991 and in 2003 its branch was opened in Armenia. Afterwards, “TourInfo” magazine was established in Armenia, the first issue of which was published in July, 2003.

According to the monitoring results made among the readers, more than 1.000.000 people have read the magazine during 10 years of publication. “It let us think that we have achieved our goal. The traveler who comes to our country should have the best places to stay, dine and see. Our main goal is to do everything to make visitors feel at home when they arrive and be sure that they are satisfied and happy when they leave. Hence, our job makes us an ambassador of good will for our country. During all these years we have tried to keep the quality and world-class standards”, mentioned Garen Marcarian and added, “We have been aimed at presenting the best products and companies of Armenia. On this evidence, we should thank our partners”.

Suren Vardevanyan, the first editor of the magazine, also had great contribution to TourInfo Magazine. It is great happiness for each staff to see “TourInfo” in a visitor's hand in Armenia, who shares his impressions and thanks us. “This is the most pleasant moment”, confesses Garen Marcarian, “During all these years we have had many personals and trained them for tourism publication industry. We are proud to have created this great family named “TourInfo”, and now all of us promise to continue to work for the visitors of our country still for many-many years!”


                                                                  THE 90TH JUBILEE ISSUE OF ''TOURINFO'' in 2012

 It has been ten years since Armenia Visitor Center  “TourInfo” magazine is with us and during this period readers and visitors organizations continue to like it.

TourInfo” is the first and only free visitors magazine in Armenia, which can become the best help for visitors visiting Armenia. It gives information about hotels, restaurants, rest-zones, sights, museums,   theatres, and concerts in Armenia and everything that can interest the visitors.

The beginning of the magazine was in 2003, when Armenia was entering the era of prospects and new acquirements. The same year “Orange Trading” organization was founded in Armenia, which was already operating in Tehran since 1991 by Garen Marcarian directoring. The organization decided to publish “TourInfo” magazine as the first and the most important project in Armenia. It was to interpret the historical-cultural monuments overspread in Armenia in a new way, to pay attention to the Armenian culture and art, which could help the visitors to have some ideas about Armenia and love it.

When preparing the first issue of the “TourInfo” it was already clear, that the magazine was a necessity taking into account also the fact that the “TourInfo” was the first colored journal in Armenia. The great interest concerning the journal was approved by the huge work and devotion applied to educe the magazine. It has also been proved during the years, when the time and the proposals of the partners prompted new approaches and solutions, by which the magazine becomes more racy and interesting with its each issue.

The distribution of the magazine is operated and organized in details. It is widely petered in the “Zvartnots International Airport”, which is the partner of “Orange Trading,” also in the embassies, consolers, ministries, in great number of hotels, restaurants, information and business-centers, in different organizations connected with visitors. It is distributed also in Venice, the USA, Tehran and many more.

This year is jubilee for the “TourInfo” as it begins with the publishing of the 90th issue. For this occasion the magazine thanks all its partners, whose help is very appreciable for the creation and distribution of the magazine, also all the readers, for whom the “TourInfo” is an irreplaceable visitor guide. All these stimulates and makes us step forward by realizing new projects and ideas, which will make the “TourInfo” much better and more interesting.

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