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                                                     August Issue 2015

                                                     One Decade + 2   of    "TourInfo"  Magazine

Last Breathe of Summer ...


Every summer has a story-a story that  makes you revive the best fragments throughout a lifetime... Armenia is one of those unique countries that leave great impressions on every single visitor- there is a rich history, culture, traditions and incredible evidences around Armenia. And here the brightest memories are just waiting to happen because it is summer- summer full of adventures, merrymaking and happiness. 

It is a great pleasure to walk by July nights that are like a perfection of thoughts; enjoy the welcoming cafes and restaurants with the wonderfully served Armenian delicious cuisine; admire the beautiful tunes of magical instruments played in the crowded streets, the great statues and monuments awakened by the hustle of city’s night life, illustrations of the pink capital-Yerevan; to present yourself with nice gifts from the luxurious boutiques and just maintain a little bit of summer along with its numerous surprises... Yes, summer is full of unexpected surprises, especially for the tourists, as we Armenians celebrate an ancient religious holiday called Vardavar in this very month, the origin of which dates back to pagan times. Vardavar is one of the best and mostly loved festivals in Armenia. It is the time when people-young and old, familiar and unfamiliar drench each other with water as a symbol of fertility and sacred love, apart from being just a tradition; that day is filled with much fun, entertainment and freshness. So, if any of you experience this amazing holiday, do not feel awkward, just take a try, keep smiling and be a part of this big day.

Armenia is calling you-calling to create your own story together on its wonderful and sacred land... So, do not miss your chance to earn the best moments of your life by the inspirations of warming July while making TourInfo magazine as your reliable guide during your trips.

Enjoy your stay and safe travels!

Garen Marcarian

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